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Medea. Fotografie di scena by Giancarlo Casnati

They say that the fiction of Medea killing her children wrote Euripides for the prayers of the Corinthians, in order to purge their reputation of such a stain; and thanks to the poet's genius, the lie prevailed over the truth. (Eliano, Various Stories, V, 21).

La Karl du Pigné. Fotografie by Giancarlo Casnati

A collection of 27 images, made in the years from 2011 to 2017, following and photographing the artistic activity of Andrea Berardicurti, aka La Karl du Pigné.

Le Gladiatrici. Fotografie di scena by Giancarlo Casnati

From a marble bas-relief of the second century after Christ, preserved in the British Museum, the gladiators Amazon and Akillia come back to life: their lives are thrown to the public, blinded by the rigged bets of the deadly arena. This is the enemy to beat, which the two girls defeat by simulating a fierce duel, where neither is able to prevail. Both are saved and thus obtain freedom with honor, also thanks to the decisive appearance in heaven of Zeus' thunderbolt.

Nel nome di Salomè. Fotografie di scena by Giancarlo Casnati

Collection of stage photographs taken during the show "Nel Nome di Salomè" written and directed by Lucio Castagneri at the Ugo Betti Theater in Rome from 1 to 3 February 2019.

Music in the Jungle. Ex-Circus Café by Giancarlo Casnati

Music in the Jungle is a collection of seventy photographs taken at Ex-Circus Cafè which is located in Rome. Here every weekend various music groups perform until late at night. This book is a picture diary of the evenings spent listening to the musicians playing.

Monique de Torbel. La vie et les miracles d'une Drag Queen by Giancarlo Casnati.

Les images qui recueillent quelques moments de la vie artistique de Monique de Torbel, son "devenir" Drag Queen, ses costumes et l'interprétation de sa vie fatale.

Legio II Parthica Severiana. A photographic sketchbook by Giancarlo Casnati.

A collection of photographs on the historic reconstruction of the Roman Army. The "Legio Secunda Parthica Severiana" Association recalls the story of the famous Legion founded by Emperor Septimius Severus in 197 after Christ. This book offers portraits of the Roman Legionaries and various images of the moments of their daily life and their battles.